Quote of the Week

Quiet Study Area

*If you do not wish to participate in Quote of the Week, remember, We Can All Hear You, please keep quiet.

“Learning is addictive isn’t it!?”

“Harry Potter erotica would be the best!”

“Oh, for a second I thought Zac Efron was dead. No, he just got beaten up by some hobos.”

“I use so much paper, I feel bad for all the trees.”
“I know, if we didn’t have trees, we’d probably all, like, die.”
-interesting hypothesis

“I’m pretty sure I have cancer, I’ve been planning my funeral since Sunday.”

Quote 2

“It’s too hard, we should have gone to Curtin.”
“No, Curtin is hard too.”
-It’s a hard knock life

“Oh s**t! Can we rub it off? Wait, no, they’ll know it was us!”
-presumably in response to last week’s quote, below

 Quote 1

“My sole goal this semester is to have sex with a Japanese girl.”
– heard prior to Japanese class


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