Field School Reviews

Going on a field school can be one of the most fun, challenging and rewarding experiences of your life. You’ll walk away with experience, knowledge and a more impressive resume, but you’ll also get friends for life, and the seasoned air of one who has travelled off the beaten track and really got to know a place.

To whet your appetite I have compiled some reviews of field schools from all over the world. No matter what you’re into or your level of experience, there’s something out there for you. I’ve covered everything from Koobi Fora, where you live in a tent for a month investigating our very early ancestors, to Sanisera, where it’s like living in a resort while excavating Roman artefacts, to Drawsko, where you live in a school and dig up what the locals believe could be vampires.

Have you been on a field school and don’t see it on this list? Please tell me all about it! Submit a field school review now!

Wherever you end up, don’t forget your trowel, a pair of thongs for the shower, a camera, an open mind and an adventurous spirit.


Megiddo Field School, Israel

Ned’s Corner, Australia

Sanisera Field School, Spain

Koobi Fora Field School, Kenya

Clunia, Spain

Astypalaia Bioanthropology Field School, Greece

Drawsko Mortuary Archaeology Field School, Poland

Pella, Jordan

Excavations of the Bath at Roman Carsulae (EBARC), Italy

Pompeii Food and Drink Project, Italy

Tell Timai, Egypt

Community Archaeology Field School, Australia

Odorheiu Secuiesc Medieval Funerary Excavation, Romania

Cumidava, Romania

Patakfalva, Romania


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