Please treat me like a grownup!

The isolation that comes with postgrad research can be dangerous when you don’t know if what you’re going through is normal or not, OK or not. I guarantee your university has things in place to help you. Use them! Don’t suffer in silence, it isn’t worth it.
This post is from the Thesis Whisperer about supervisor bullying.

The Thesis Whisperer

One of the pleasures of running the thesis whisperer blog are the large number of emails I receive, on a daily basis, from research students located all over the world.

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 5.16.27 pmSometimes students submit a guest post in response to the open invitation I have on my About page. Other times they just want to thank me – or tell me that they have finished their PhD and how I have helped them along the way. Both these kinds of letters make my heart burst with happiness. I couldn’t continue the blog without guest contributions. I love hearing the blog has been useful.

But there is another kind of letter I get. The type that makes me sad – even angry. Over the years I’ve become a kind of thesis ‘agony aunt’. Students from all over see me as someone to whom they can pour out their tales of woe to…

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