What Not to Wear to University Graduation

I recently graduated… not from my PhD, from a BA Philosophy that has been kind of a nerdy hobby of mine for a long time. I struggled hard finding something to wear. All my clothes are in boxes everywhere because I’m moving house.

I ended up wearing nothing special, just what I had on that day with some heels I made my boyfriend bring from home into the city on the train. Lucky he is comfortable in his masculinity and he can carry women’s shoes around, sans woman. Long story short, I felt a bit drab, and I paid extra attention to what everyone else had on. It turns out, 20 year old ladies are not completely aware of the difference between dressing up to go out, and dressing up to go out out.

The general look going was something like this

thNHZWK44Ywith several who looked a bit like this

th8AS8TEIFand one or two who managed a look not far from this

thO1ULYTSKWith the long maroon gowns, everyone’s shoes particularly stood out, and the chunky white platform was the shoe du jour


The men too had some pretty outlandish things going on, mostly consisting of coloured hair and shoes.

The PhD graduates, to my relief, looked a lot more like me. Just wearing what looked like they may have worn that day, and with a general aire of befrazzled about them.

So. In answer to the title of this post, ‘What Not to Wear to Graduation’, the answer is nothing. Don’t wear nothing. Otherwise, do whatever you want, it’s your graduation. If you feel great in a shiny gold bikini, then go nuts. If your parents wouldn’t let you out of the house in what you’re wearing, tell them you’re a big kid now and you do what you want. If you’re concerned that your future grandchildren will laugh at what you’re wearing in your graduation photo; let’s face it, they would laugh at anything you were wearing, but they will marvel at how youthful you once were. So tell them that you were young and stupid, just like them, but that you felt amazing.


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