8 Simple Ways to Tell the Undergrads are Back Before You Arrive on Campus

Another quiet day on campus, the last days of summer, you can’t even remember why your university has so many buildings, there are only a dozen or so people around! Then your friend turns to you and says “When do the undergrads come back again?”

Here are some helpful ways you can know for sure that the undergrads are back, without having to check the university calendar.

1. The bus is packed


Usually you would be the only one on the bus, you had got to know the drivers pretty well and everybody was friends. Then suddenly you’re lucky to even be able to squeeze on the bus.

2. Everybody is dressed like this

uni-clothes-image-main-2 You wore the same thing today that you wore last week, because you didn’t see anybody at the office, so it’s A-OK to wear the same thing again.

3. Everyone feels like this on the inside


but is trying to look like this on the outside


4. They are all looking at maps of campus/the bus route like this

download (1)It’s not cool to not know where you are.

5. Somebody will inevitably freak out and press the bus bell

hqdefaulteven though the bus is obviously full of uni students, and the name of the bus route is ‘university’ and the bus terminates at your campus anyway. Better safe than sorry.

6. Silence

images (1)except for the two people who were sort of in the same group in high school, but still don’t have enough to say to fill the whole bus ride to uni.

7. The professors have dragged themselves back to campus

images (2)even though they were technically supposed to be there since a month ago.

8. All the food places are open again!

wpid-20150223_151618.jpghooray! Choice! I think I will go and overdose on teriyaki tofu for the next few weeks.


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