Young Archaeologist Kit

For Christmas my parents gave me the super adorable and surprisingly accurate Young Archaeologist Kit. They are made by a lady named Sue Carter who is a British archaeologist living in Australia. They include everything that you need to go and dig up your back garden (after Mum or Dad has buried something in there for you to find). I couldn’t help but wish I had owned this kit when I ran a crash course on excavation for my friend Nurul.

I got:

A child friendly trowel (my Mum said that she bought the kit from Sue Carter herself at a market, and that she was a little disappointed with exactly how child friendly the trowel had to be, note enormous size and crayola-sharp edges)


Not to mention this handy diagram of how to use the trowel, scrape across! Stratigraphy!

A notebook, for proper recording of all my finds.


Don’t forget to include date, place, weather, diagrams and to write down what was found.

A rim measuring chart for ceramics.


I really lost my mind with excitement over this one, because I didn’t learn how to use one of these until my second year at uni. What an awesome addition!

More fun stuff; gloves, bags, a paintbrush and a photo scale


Again, pretty excited about the photo scale, I love photo scales and carry one around in my wallet just for fun.

Of course the whole thing would not be complete without my brown satchel. So stylish.



But this one is mine. Get your own.



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