So You Think You Can Archaeology? How to Become a Celebrity Archaeologist

Like a celebrity chef, but an archaeologist.

The most obvious example of a celebrity archaeologist is of course Zahi Hawass (you thought I was going to write Indiana Jones. I mean real people, who are really archaeologists).


Zahi Hawass was the Egyptian minister for Antiquities who is in Every Single Documentary about Ancient Egypt. He fell from grace in amongst the 2011 Egyptian revolution and was jailed, but has since bounced back like nothing even happened (read more here), and has even brought out his own clothing line (which seems to consist of double denim and hats) (but then he got a lot of flack for having models pose with antiquities, it’s tough being a big celeb)


But how did he do it?
I don’t know, but here’s how you too can become a celebrity archaeologist.

  1. Develop a larger than life personality. Are you a bad-ass with a heart of gold? An enthusiastic nerd? A professor type? An adventurer? A rough and gruff digger? A delicate flower with an interest in some weird specific thing?
  2. Develop a look to go with your personality. Like Zahi has double denim, you too should have a wardrobe that is functional, stylish and unique. For inspiration check out my Fashions in the Field, or even better, Celebrity Fashions in the Field.
  3. Start filming your fun and exciting archaeology adventures. Think about how you want to come across on-screen. Like you’re an incredible expert whose word is gospel truth? Or maybe like you’re young and fun and high on life, high on adventure and high on history!
  4. Think about getting a catch-phrase.
  5. Cut together all your adventures into a short show-reel. Have a bit at the start where you introduce yourself and what you’re into, tell a fun little anecdote about something that you’re passionate about, or that demonstrates what a fun adventurer you are. See below for a video guide to your awesome show-reel.
  6. Get an agent. Yes, there are agents specifically for archaeologists who want to be on TV. Send them your show-reel and wait for the fame to come flooding in.


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