To the Lab!

Nurul Gets Lost

After you find all the cool treasure we had to analyse them all. So ceramics needed to be washed, dried, weighed and sorted: diagnostic items like handles and spouts and rims etc are kept aside. The sherds are stored elsewhere. Some of the diagnostic pieces get drawn using all sorts of technical tools like a drawing comb and callipers. Some pieces get reconstructed using glue and tape. I sort of became the ceramic artist the last couple of weeks at Timai, it was fun but I was certainly not used to drawing things using so much mathematics!

Small finds like figurines, bone, shell, slag, faience, get cleaned with toothbrushes and skewers. Metals and coins get cleaned in much the same way but with chemicals too, and electrolysis. Oooooh. Electrolysis is scary because there’s wires and electricity and water… but what it does is really cool! You’d have to ask my…

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