Field School Review – Drawsko

Drawsko Mortuary Archaeology Fieldschool, Poland.  Slavia Foundation in conjunction with Adam Mickiewicz University

By Ariane

When: Two sessions, both approximately 3.5 weeks from June 30 to August 9th 2014.

“If you like ____, you’ll love this field school”: medieval archaeology, osteoarchaeology

Cost: Covers food – for all 7 days if you remain in Drawsko over the weekend, Accommodation at the local school. Pickup from Mercure hotel in Poznan, and return drop off at the end of the session. One field trip to Poznan.

Living conditions: Shared rooms and bathrooms: accommodation is at the local school and its air mattresses on the floor. The shared gym showers are across the courtyard in the school’s gym (door does not lock) and the water pressure is fickle. Hot water only if you go super early or super late.

4 meals per day, you bring lunch to the field (usually a roll with cold meat or cheese). Vegetarian available, but its not great. 5 days of work per week either in field or lab (on rotation). Weekends are free to explore Poland or even go to Berlin.

The Team: There are 6 staff (1 in lab at all times, 2 are polish archaeologists), and about 15-20 students. Basic experience in archaeology or physical anthropology needed, you will be required to provide 2 referees.

Culture: You go on a day trip to Poznan (the nearest town), there is a fab archaeology museum there. Got to go and see the clock tower at midday (trust me!)

In Drawsko (it’s a village) there is a German cemetery and an amphitheater a short walk out of town, and apparently a mushroom forest.

Biggest culture shock: Its a village, most things close early and very few people speak English. Polish is an amazingly difficult language.

Best Thing: The whole dig experience, getting to work with some totally amazing skeletal remains. The staff are nice!

Worst Thing: The showers, mosquitoes and possibly the lack of variety in the diet.

Where to go for more information and applications:


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