Field School Review – Astypalaia

Astypalaia Bioanthropology Field School, Greece. University College London

By Ariane

When: 6 weeks from early July to early August

“If you like ____, you’ll love this field school”: osteoarchaeology

Cost: About $4500, this covers food (3 meals, 6 days per week), accommodation, teaching materials and visit to local museum. Also they pick you up from Astypalaia airport or the ferry.

Living conditions: Shared rooms and bathrooms (max 4 per room), hot water (if you don’t shower at the same time as everyone else!). Great meals. Flushing toilets. 6 days of work a week, Saturday is usually a shorter day. Sundays off! Wifi at cafes near the hotel.

The Team: Typically 5 instructors and the field school supervisor – all of Masters level or higher. 20 students. Average age is mid 20s, some younger undergraduates, some older postgraduates. Average level of experience: basic experience in archaeology or bioanthropology.

Culture: Excursion to the local museum, the ruins of the old Venetian castle. Also a boat ride around part of the island. The locals are very friendly (although not all speak English), and very supportive. Biggest culture shock: walking up the massive hill to the site at 6am and watching people stumble down the hill home from the local bar/club.

Best Thing:  It’s a Greek island. Excavating 2000 year old neonate remains from urn burials, Great staff, food and people. Lovely weather and we’re right near the beach.

Worst Thing: Cleaning the toilets at site. The toilets don’t flush toilet paper in Greece.

Where to go for more information and applications:


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