Field School Review – Clunia

Clunia, Spain. ArchaeoSpain

By Fiona

When: July

“If you like ____, you’ll love this field school”: Roman archaeology

Cost: $2500AUD program fees, includes food and accommodation. Bring extra spending money.

Living conditions: Shared rooms – 4 or 5 rooms with about two or three people per room. Wireless internet – if you sit on the stairs outside the dig house. Working 5 full days and a half day on Saturday

The Team: The staff numbers are hard to say for sure as some people were there for the whole time while others were only there a few days or a week. Approximately 6. There were 9 students – all internationals and still undertaking their bachelor degrees.

Culture: There were excursions nearly every weekend, including a night at a previously excavated site for a pagan moon festival. The town we stayed in was tiny and the people that we did meet were really nice. I guess the biggest culture shock was eating a big (3 course) lunch and a tiny, late lunch.

Best Thing: The friends I now have from all over the world.


Worst Thing:  The slight language barrier


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