Field School Review – Ned’s Corner

Ned’s Corner, Australia. La Trobe University

By Liesel

When: 10 days in early August

“If you like ____, you’ll love this field school”: Surveying

Cost: No cost (except HECS debt…), everything included, but only La Trobe Honours students can go.

Living conditions: You share a tiny room with one other person, shared bathrooms, amazing meals, limited shower time (but it’s freezing in August so the shower was not a very attractive prospect anyway) you only get internet if your phone has reception. Electricity is turned off at night, try not to get caught out!

10 full working days, most of them out in the field surveying with your group of 4, then a mad rush to write a report in the last day or so.

The Team: 3 or 4 staff, the students are only the Honours class of La Trobe, experience varies between those who have only done volunteer work before and those who are employed part time as consultants.

Culture: The only excursion was driving there and stopping at the supermarket to stock up on food for the 10 days. There’s only one local, the guy who runs the station, and a wall of fox tails which he takes great delight in showing everyone and laughing at the city folk for feeling squeamish.

Best thing: The feeling of relief and accomplishment on the last day when you hand in your report, getting to know the rest of your classmates and then going for drinks every week at uni


Worst thing: It’s unbearably cold at night, and so so stressful getting the report done on time.

Where to go for more information and applications: La Trobe


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