Staying in the Loop Without Getting Out of Your PJs

This is a piece I wrote for the “So You Want to Survive Uni?” zine that was given out to everyone who attended the National Archaeology Student Conference last weekend.


Are you always the last to hear about that amazing volunteer opportunity, the entry level job opening at the consultancy you wanted to work at, the scholarship that you would have been perfect for, or the deadline for abstract submissions for that conference you wanted to present at?

To stay in the know, you have to move in the right circles, know the right people and drop the right names, right? Wrong! Not anymore!

These days it’s all about a little thing I like to call FLAPPSTR-ing*, that is; following, liking, adding, pressing, pinning, sharing, tweeting and reblogging.


So just for you I’ve prepared a guide of the blogs, pages and groups that can help keep you in the know about all the stuff that’s going on outside your lecture theatre.

Firstly, you’ll want to get on your uni volunteer email mailing list if they have one. Yes, you will have to check your student email account** More often than not, if a consultancy is looking for volunteers, or a field school needs participants, they’ll email your archaeology department who will then pass the information on. You might automatically be on the mailing list or you might have to talk to admin and get on it, but it’s well worth it for volunteering opportunities.

Next, your uni will almost definitely have some kind of archaeology student society, with a facebook page that you can like or join with info about things going on around campus and local opportunities, not to mention the details of the annual quiz night***

La Trobe – La Trobe University Archaeological Society (LAS)

UWA – Archaeology Society of WA

Flinders – Flinders Archaeological Society

Flinders University Department of Archaeology

Sydney – Sydney University Archaeology Society (ArchSoc)

Melbourne – Melbourne University Classics and Archaeology Students Society

UQ – UQ Anthropology and Archaeology Students Society

ANU – Students Archaeological Association @ the ANU

ANU School of Archaeology and Anthropology


If you want a more global perspective, you can’t go past the Archaeology facebook group. Yes, it is just called “Archaeology”, (like Cher or Madonna). For a global group of students in archaeology the World Archaeological Congress Student Committee facebook group is fantastic, as well as The Next Generation: Students Discuss Archaeology in the 21st Century facebook group.

If you have LinkedIn, you should think about joining archaeology groups there, like Archaeology and the Professional Anthropology/Archaeology Group.

The blogs and websites of archaeological organisations are also a good place to find out about opportunities, especially if they have a blog you can follow, so you can get email notifications rather than having to keep checking back for new stuff.

The Australian Archaeological Association website has a great Careers section, which has lots of info on Study Options, Field School, Volunteering, Workshops, Jobs and Work Experience. They also have a blog and a facebook page, and even better a second facebook page called Student Members of the Australian Archaeological Association. Geez guys, got enough web presence?

The Australasian Society for Historical Archaeology (ASHA), the Australasian Institute of Maritime Archaeology (AIMA)  and the Australasian Association of Consulting Archaeologists INC (AACAI) all have websites with news, and ASHA and AIMA both have facebook pages (although it looks like the AIMA one kind of burst into existence and fizzled out a little bit). All of these will keep you up to date on workshops, conferences and seminars around the country, particularly if your interests are in a particular field.

Finally, these pages are great to get onto for a bit of fun and inspiration

Things Archaeology Students Don’t Say on facebook

shovelbums – for news and novelty t-shirts

trowelblazers – celebrating pioneering women in palaeontology, archaeology and geology

DigVentures – for those starting out

diggingthedirt – salacious gossip and fun stuff – All the amazing stuff the British Museum gets up to on a day to day basis


* I’ve never used the term FLAPPSTRing in my life and never intend to.

** They won’t send anything to Believe me.

*** If your uni archaeology student society doesn’t hold an annual quiz night, some serious changes need to be made ASAP. I think you should run for president.


(illustration by Logan Niblock)



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