What is it that you do all day?

Yesterday, three separate people, independently of each other, asked me “What is it that you do all day?”. I had to really think about it. The answer is – I don’t really know, bits and pieces of lots of things. All of them very researchy and important, contributing to scholarship and stuff like that.

Today, for example, I spent the morning* drawing this comic strip of what I did yesterday, which was steal tea and biscuits from a catered lunch in the boardroom.

What happened was; I was working in the lab with my supervisor, melting silver and other metals to make standards so that we can analyse them and make a calibration curve to enable us to quantitate our data. But we were having trouble getting at the furnace, because there was a workshop on in the lab for a small group of (I think) industry professionals being taught about some whizz bang new thing.

As we were setting up the furnace, my supervisor got a very important secret phone call, as he often does, and left me with the furnace and the workshop people. I stood there for a small eternity watching the furnace heat up, until I got bored and went back to my office.

On the way I went past the boardroom and my stomach rumbled as I noticed that a catered lunch was being set up for the workshop people. I made a mental note to scavenge for left overs when they were gone.

I waited a really long time for them to finish lunch, but every time I strolled past the boardroom there were still people lurking in there, guarding the lunch. Finally I just went and got my own lunch and paid for it with money, like a sucker.

In the afternoon I went back, just in case, and this is where the comic strip starts. Aha! Left over tea and biscuits! I grabbed a handful of tea bags and biscuits and gleefully left the boardroom, only to notice two of the workshop guys coming towards me down the hall. I panicked, and hopefully didn’t look too much like a crazy person, then I ran and shared the spoils with my incredulous friends. BISCUITS FOR EVERYONE!


*Confession, I also did real work this morning, presenting a brief summary of my research to the WA Museum Maritime Archaeology Advisory Committee


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