Publishing Workshop

While making my profile (where you can look at my report on the 2013 Tell Timai season), I stumbled across this, an online workshop about how to turn your coursework and research into published articles.

You’ve made it into graduate school, the first step towards a career in academia. A career that can be filled with many rewards (like a Nobel prize in economics, for example) and also times of uncertainty, all centered around the most dreaded phrase known to scholars: “publish or perish.”

But the clock started the moment you entered graduate school. So, now, only a year or two in, do you know how to turn your research into a peer-worthy piece ready for publication? Do you have someone or anyone you can call on who can guide you through the steps?

This is a one-of-a-kind totally interactive, online workshop that will detail how to turn your coursework papers into publishable, scholarly articles. What’s more, you’ll be able to work one-on-one with professors in your discipline during breakout sessions afterwards—all in the comfort of your home (or graduate student office).

  • Discovering the strong points in your paper
  • Reworking papers and changing them from coursework style to publishable style
  • Finding relevance in papers done for a course outside your research area

Spaces are limited for this live, interactive online event. Applications should be submitted via our online system and require your name, school, academic year, and major along with your tentative dissertation topic, research interests and other information.


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