How to write (and submit) an abstract

National Archaeology Student Conference

Please note this is intended as a guide only and is for those who would like to submit an abstract for NASC 2014. The process and requirements for submitting a conference abstract differ from conference to conference. If you have something to add, please leave a comment below.

What is an abstract?

In the context of a conference, an abstract is a condensed version of the topic you wish to present in a paper or poster. Usually the topic will have something to do with a research project you have been working on recently.

What is the purpose of an abstract?

An abstract plays two roles at conferences:

  1. It gives the conference organisers an indication as to whether your paper or poster will fit into the scope of the conference (i.e. that the topic you present will be relevant); and
  2. Once it is published in the program, your abstract will…

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