MForSc, What I Learnt

Here at the Centre for Forensic Science, things are often done a little differently. Even though I am a PhD student, I have spent my whole first year doing coursework with the Masters students. I’ll come out of the whole experience with a PhD and a Master of Forensic Science (MForSc), and for all intents and purposes, the MForSc is done and dusted!
Here is a list of classes I took and associated facts that I learnt.

Ethics and Research Methods in Forensic Science – A scientific report goes IMRAD, Introduction, Materials/Methods, Results and Discussion. Amazing.

Forensic Anthropology 1 – Introductory Theory and Method – Use flesh eating beetles to get rid of the nasty squashy bits so you can start playing with the real fun stuff, the bones.

Death Investigations – When someone puts you in a wheelie bin, you turn into a puddle of pink goo.

Digital Imaging in Forensic Science – My hair is 50 microns across and quite heavily damaged.

Introduction to Forensic Chemistry – Invest in helium now and you’ll be rich in 30 years.

Forensic DNA Analysis – My blood type is O+ just like pretty much everyone else.

Forensic Archaeology – Theory and Method – You can string up a square with only one tape measure.

Forensic Anthropology 2 – Advanced Theory and Method – I have a persistent metopic suture, going from my nose up my forehead, and only 6% of people have that.

Expert Testimony – Always proofread your work. Always. Otherwise your cross-examiner will gleefully attack you.

Now it’s on to the research I was supposed to have been doing all year. Coins coins coins.


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