Precarity and the Neoliberal University: What role for young academics?

Unpaid Academics. It seems that Gen Y can survive off “valuable experience” rather than actual money, food, shelter etc.

Gender, Neoliberalism and Financial Crisis Conference

A ‘job’ posting circulated on Twitter and Facebook a few weeks ago, provoking a mix of shock, anger, and hopelessness among academics, particularly young aspiring academics. The posting was for a ‘non-stipendiary’ junior research fellowship in philosophy at Essex. The position has since been withdrawn, although the statement issued by the university did little to assuage initial concerns. The university expressed alarm that, in the current funding climate, the intentions for the scheme were “at risk of being misunderstood and misrepresented.” Although the position is not paid, the statement continues, fellows may take on other work in addition, apply for funding, or take other measures to “manage a period without paid employment”. It’s difficult to identify at what point the misunderstanding occurred: the position was indeed an unpaid year-long posting for a post-doctoral researcher. It seems that the culture of unpaid internships, already so pervasive…

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