Get Organised. For Free.

I love my diary. I like highlighting assignments in different colours, and putting balloon stickers on birthdays. I like to flip the pages and imagine that the end of semester isn’t all that far away. I like to see my week laid out in front of me, and then I like looking at the ones that have already happened. I even keep old diaries and sometimes open them all up to the same date and look at what I did on this day for the past x years.

I put off buying a 2013 diary until February, hoping to get a bargain. I didn’t. They were still full price. WHY?
I had to memorise my daily activities for 2 months, all for nothing!
So here are some free diary ideas, so you can get your 2014 diary before 2014 happens. My personal choice is number 4.

1) Get a free diary from your guild or student union. They tend to have useful information, and coupons for things on campus. The downside is that you have to go to uni to get them, which for me isn’t usually until March.

2) Use your phone. The downside being that the battery will die and things will disappear and get deleted because they always do.

3) Use outlook. My student emails are through outlook, and I know my supervisor couldn’t survive without his weekly outlook schedule. The downside being that outlook is so clever that it saves dates and deletes the email. So you know there is a meeting, but you don’t know where or who it’s with.

4) Print your own personalised diary. I was astounded to find that Word doesn’t have built in templates for diaries, but I found some you can download for free! No way! If you download it in Word format, you can personalise it, insert pages like a campus map, a bus timetable, photos of your cat, whatever you want!
The downside being that you have to print it. The upside being that many postgraduate students get free printing on industrial size printer/copiers. All you have to do is stay a little later one evening and print your diary (make sure you go into printer properties and choose “booklet” layout), then head over to the printing and binding place on campus and have it bound for a few dollars.


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