Hurry up and Publish my Paper!

Two months ago I submitted a paper to a journal. The process was all fairly straightforward as long as you have all the bits and pieces together, with correct file names, uploaded in the right order.

But how long do you wait until you start writing emails to people? Publish my paper! When you log in as an author you are given one of several statuses which your paper is up to. Mine is at “Decision in Process”.

So I looked into it;

1.Submitted to Journal: This usually does not involve a lot of time and a reasonable time frame might be 5-10 days depending on factors such as workload, time of year etc. The step might involve inspection of the quality of the submitted material, but not necessarily.

2.Editor Invited (Conditional – this step may not occur): This may again be another 5-10 days and may be affected by workload etc.

3.With Editor: The main problem that occurs here is difficulty to assign reviewers. The editor may also be overloaded with work. The time frame is likely something like 3 weeks but will vary.

4.Under Review: Each journal has a time frame and 3 weeks is what I am accustomed to in my field. Reviewers that accept reviews and never return them is a problem here. How quickly the editor tries to assign other reviewers to speed up the process will vary from person to person and journal to journal.

5.Required Reviews Complete: I am not sure if you actually mean revisions here because typically the author gets about 3-6 weeks to revise the manuscript. This is another point where delays can occur but they are self-inflicted.

6.Decision in Process: The decision process may require some time since the editor needs to read the revised manuscript and the revisions/rebuttal from the author to make a decision. In many cases there is cause for another round of reviews which would loop back to 4 and 5.

7.Completed – Accept: 7 could be 6 if the manuscript gets accepted after one round (rare in many circumstances).


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