Its NOT about “looking good for the fellas”

Love this, because, like Girlarchaeologist, I am also coincidentally female, and a feminist.

Girl Archaeologist's Blog

Time for some good Sexism-Shaming on this week’s episode of Girl Snarkaeologist!! The American Schools of Oriental Research, normally a respectable institution and invaluable resource for archaeologists work in the Near East, decided to share this article about the discoveries at the Neolithic site of Boncuklu Höyük in Turkey today on their FB page: Keeping up with the latest fashion trends of antiquity
with the brilliant comment “Tale as old as time… excavations in the Central Anatolian province of Konya have shown women, even 10,500 years ago, went to great lengths to look good for the fellas.”

To quote my brilliant fellow girl archaeologist Kathryn O’Neil Weber’s reaction to this post, “Oh. My. God. No. In so many, many ways: No.”

I could rant for several pages about how much this article and the support of it by ASOR pisses me off, but for the sake of brevity let me…

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