WAC Student Committee Seeks Your Advice

The following is from the World Archaeological Congress Student Committee. They’re setting up an online resource for archaeology students, and I think it’s a great initiative, so if you have any advice for them about being an archaeology student, get in touch with them!

The WAC Student Committee is creating a web-based resource for students to assist them in finding funding opportunities and to provide them with general advice for navigating student life. The International Student Resources Project is part of this committee’s overall aim to advocate for students and foster increased student opportunities through active mentoring. This will be a constantly evolving resource managed by the committee.

Following the broader aims of WAC, the student committee intends for this project to assist students worldwide and promote the study of archaeology by fostering the development of student research. WAC is indeed a unique organisation and we are fortunate to have such a diverse community of archaeologists from which to draw information from for this project. This will be one of the first projects in the world to draw together information for students on a global scale and we hope that the WAC and international archaeological communities will support us in our endeavour.

In order to begin this project, we are reaching out to the wider WAC and international archaeological communities for student advising materials on the following:

Funding bodies/opportunities
We are looking for details on funding bodies or regular funding opportunities from anywhere in the world that are accessible or targeted to archaeology students. We are open to suggestions available to students from any level of study (e.g. undergraduate, masters or graduate level) and for any reason (e.g. to fund field work, international study etc.) Generally students look within their own regional network to find these opportunities, but we would like to emphasise the global nature of archaeology and provide information across all regions —this will assist students to look beyond their immediate region for study options and will also facilitate a greater understanding of the situations facing students across the world.

We ask that a website or contact information be included with any submissions of information on funding bodies/opportunities.

Facts of life for graduate students
We would like to provide students with some realistic information on what they should expect from graduate school and some broad ‘tips’ on how to successfully navigate what is often a new and confusing world. We understand that an increasing number of students are studying internationally and we envisage that the resources included in this section will reflect multicultural perspectives and cater to a diverse audience.

What things do you wish someone had told you when you were a student? Feel free to submit advising materials, suggest web resources, and other explanatory and descriptive content (with appropriate attribution), but please avoid one-sentence anecdotes as these are often confusing outside their cultural or geographic context.

Examples of the kind of information we would like to include are:
• Important things to consider when choosing a school/supervisor
• Advice on how to apply for graduate school
• Advice on who you can ask for assistance
• Dos and don’ts for writing important documents such as CVs and cover letters
• Guidance on managing work-life balance

If you would like to contribute materials for this project, we will ensure you get appropriate credit for your submission (or it can be posted anonymously if you prefer). Please email any submissions or questions to wacstudentcommittee@gmail.com

Thank you in advance,
The WAC Student Committee


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